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Testimonial #1

Janet was a God sent to me during the end of life period of both my mother and father. Her care and commitment to them, to me and my family was only surpassed by the effective and efficient assistance she provided.  Her knowledge and experience of the aging process and the network of services to which she was able to referrer and assist us in securing was invaluable. I found her case management experience and her professionalism of the highest quality. She was a blessing for me, has been for others in the past and will be for many others in the future.

– Rev. Laurence G. McFarland

Testimonial #2

I was fortunate enough to have Janet Smith assist me in caring for my husband the last six weeks of his life.  Janet is beyond compassionate and her knowledge is limitless right down to the very last detail.  Janet’s expert care is further enhanced by her excellent communication skills.  I found she always had time for both family and patient. Janet cared for all.

– Sandra Graham, NYC

Testimonial #3

In February 2012 my 83 year old mother was taken to the hospital for unknown causes that was preventing her from walking or taking care of herself without assistance.  Living over 700 miles away it was impossible for me to move closer to my mother and my mother was extremely insistent that she did not want to leave her family and friends to come live with me.  Unfortunately the family and friends that were living close were not equipped to handle my mother’s needs 24 hours a day. My mother needed a 24 hour care facility while I could sort out with the doctors what was happening and could look at her insurance and financial situation to figure out how this was all going to be possible. Not knowing what to do the hospital referred us to Janet Smith.

Janet Smith entered my mother’s hospital room with a huge smile on her face giving us both warm embraces while she was equipped with a wealth of knowledge and contacts of where my mother would be taken care of properly.  Not only was Janet an excellent resource for rehabilitation facilities but she also put us in touch with a Medicare/Medicaid consultant who could help sort out all of the insurance challenges we were facing.  When my mother was later diagnosed with stage 4 Lung cancer, Janet was right there helping us make all the home care decisions.  Living 700 miles away I always felt like Janet was God sent.  She was always patient, kind, loving to my mother and family and always available to answer my questions or concerns.  She would check on my mother when I was not there and would coordinate her visits with mine when I came into town.  Janet helped make a very difficult situation easier for all of us to handle, so much so that my mother would often refer to Janet as her earthly Angel. Although my mother has gone to be with the Lord I can say without a doubt that Janet made sure we always had the best resources available to deal with any situation and all challenges.  Everyone should have a Janet Smith on speed dial.

Judy Blaylock (Daughter of former client)

Streamwood, IL

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